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                         Celtic Magic From the West Country of England

                   West Country WIse Woman

       West Country                Cunning Folk

   Village Wise Woman

Wands of True Celtic Wood.



Celtic Magic from the West Country Counties of Devonshire and Cornwall

Welcome To Wise Woman Wands

Ancient wisdom from the village  Wise Women 

We have the pleasure to announce the availability of the West Country Wise Woman Wands.


Wise woman wands and Wands of Avalon.com is an international husband and wife team consisting of an American Wise Woman, living in the US, and her husband, a native of Devonshire England. Together we create beautiful wands from a mysterious and mystical area of England known for its ancient Celtic sites and mythical tales.

The inspiration for my wands are born out of the beautiful rolling country side, the woodlands and farms of an area of England known as the West Country.
Widecombe in the moor
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